COLTS includes a full range of supply and inventory management capabilities:

  • Comprehensive inventory management
  • Requisitions, purchase orders, and disposal orders
  • Shipment origination and tracking
  • Shipment, purchase order, and new material receiving

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depicts the functions related to the maintenance feature, which are described in detail on this page.

Inventory Management

  • Issue, transfer, adjust quantity, physical inventory, and more
  • Manage inventory by owner, lot, contract, revision, and stock number
  • Track warranties, shelf life, and expiration date
  • Maintain a complete acquisition history
  • Perform inventory cycle counts
  • Calculate and project supply level requirements
  • Design a unique metrics template for each part

Requisitions, Purchase Orders, and Disposal Orders

  • Requisition, purchase order, and disposal order approval processing
  • Comprehensive fulfillment of requisitions, purchase orders, and disposal orders
  • Generate restocking orders and purchase orders based on current demand and consumption history


  • Track shipments, containers, and transshipments
  • Produce shipping documents and RFID-enabled shipping labels
  • Link to carrier shipment tracking pages


  • Receive COLTS-generated shipments
  • Receive against COLTS-generated purchase orders
  • Receive new material
  • Track shipment containers through transshipment sites