The flight log captures details of the flight, feeds scheduled maintenance with aircraft and support equipment usage metrics, and produces maintenance alerts:

  • Capture flight details in the Flight Log
  • Identify missions flown
  • Identify flight personnel, roles, and flight times
  • Capture operational metrics for aircraft and support equipment
  • Generate maintenance alerts to document equipment problems and trigger corrective work orders

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Depicts the functions related to the Operations feature, which are described in detail on this page.


Flight Details

  • Identify aircraft, origin of flight, and type of mission
  • Record start and end times


  • Identify flight personnel
  • Record personnel roles and times


  • Identify missions performed by flight
  • Record mission times

Operational Logs

  • Aircraft operational logging – flight hours, engine hours, and more
  • Automatically propagate operating hours to aircraft components
  • Identify and log support equipment usage
  • Operational logging automatically feeds scheduled and condition-based maintenance

Maintenance Alerts

  • Record Maintenance Alerts
  • Create work orders


Mission Details

  • Identify mission
  • Identify mission start and end times